SAP SD Output Determination Tutorial

Here is a PDF training material about output determination ins SAP sales & distribution module. In SAP SD the Output Determination component offers output functions for sales, shipping, transportation,and billing to help you manage sales transactions with your customers and within your company.You can create sales activity output (for example, customer telephone calls, mailing campaigns)and group output (for example, freight lists). Your company employees can send and receive output. Output is directly linked to the corresponding sales transaction (for example, the system automatically sends an order confirmation via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as soon as the employee creates an order).

Some of the transaction codes used for output determination in SAP are

Transaction CodePurpose
VOK2output determination
M708output determination: Procedure
V/46output determination Procedure Customer
V/36Delivery output determination Procedure
V/27Conditions for output determination
VOK4output determination: Inventory Management
V/72output determination Procedure (CAS)
V/35Customizing for output determination
V/84output determination Transport


Contents of this PDF training material

  • Output Determination (SD-BF-OC) 5
  • Output Type (SD)6
  • Processing Condition Records for SD Output..7
  • Creating Condition Records for SD Output.8
  • Output Determination Analysis (SD) 9
  • Output Processing .10
  • Selecting a Worklist for Output11
  • Processing Output in Worklists .13
  • Processing Output in Sales and Distribution Documents .15
  • Output from Billing Documents..17
  • Transmission Media (SD) 18
  • Printing Output (SD)..19
  • Printing Output Manually for a Sales Document21
  • Sending Electronic Mails Internally22
  • Entering Electronic Mails Manually in SD Documents..23
  • Processing Internal Mails in SD..24
  • Optical Archiving in Sales and Distribution .25