Customer Service Processing | SAP SD PDF manual tutorial

Customer Service (CS) draws on functionality from different SAP application components, in particular Plant Maintenance (PM) and Sales and Distribution (SD). For example, CS involves the planning and processing of external services, such s contracts for the maintenance and repair of equipment that a customer has either bought or rented. Maintenance planning and servicing is managed in PM; in SD you can create and maintain the relevant service contracts. Contract related charges that are incurred in PM are passed on in the form of requests for billing in SD.Here is a PDF tutorial guide about SAP CS module.

Contents of this CS module training material

  • Customer Service Processing (SD-SLS-OA) 6
  • Service Contracts 7
  • Service Contract..8
  • Service Contract Type 10
  • Service Contract Profile .11
  • Service Contract Items..12
  • Creation of Master Data for Service Contract Items..13
  • Service Contract Creation.15
  • Creating a Service Contract..16
  • Maintenance of Contract Data 18
  • Contract Validity Period ..20
  • Indirect Date Determination for Service Contracts .21
  • Pricing in Service Contracts .24
  • Standard Pricing in Service Contracts .25
  • Price Agreements in Service Contracts ..26
  • Creating Price Agreements in a Service Contract 27
  • Billing Service Contract Items .28
  • Resource-Related Billing of Service Contracts 30
  • Using the Accounting Indicator in SD ..31
  • Follow-up Action Processing for Service Contracts..32
  • Processing Follow-Up Actions for Service Contracts 33
  • Cancellation Data in Service Contracts .35
  • Cancelling a Service Contract..36
  • Service Quotation.37
  • Service Quotation in Sales and Distribution 38
  • Service Quotation in Customer Service..39
  • Creating a Quotation (CS).40
  • Billing Control in Service Quotations ..42
  • Returns and Repairs Processing (CS ) .43
  • Repair Order.47
  • Serviceable Material 49
  • Service Product.50
  • Actions for Managing Repairs Processing 51
  • Repair Procedure..53
  • Material Determination in the Repair Order .55
  • Statuses in the Repair Order 56
  • Serial Number Handling in Repairs Processing.58
  • Worklists in Repairs Processing .59
  • Pricing and Billing the Repair Order .60
  • Resource-Related Billing for the Repair Order ..61
  • Fixed Rate Billing for the Repair Order ..63
  • Creating a Repair Order with a Service Product 66
  • Creating a Repair Order without a Service Product .68
  • Posting Goods Receipt for Serviceable Materials 70

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