SAP SD Tutorials – Sales and Distribution Module

SAP SD ( Sales and Distribution ) is one the largest functional Module in SAP.It handles all the processes from an Order to delivery.The main operations this module handles are Customer Sales Orders processing , pricing, Picking, packing , Shipping, billing and risk management etc.In this page you will get some SAP SD Tutorials and PDF guides to download.

SD Module Architecture Diagram

sap sd module diagrom


SD Module Tutorials

  1. Electronic Data Interchange,IDoc Interface in SAP SD Module | PDF Tutorial
  2. Billing Plan | SAP SD Module PDF
  3. SAP SALES DOCUMENTS | SAP SD Sales PDF tutorial
  4. Billing in Sales and Distribution | SAP SD Pdf study material
  5. SD module Workflow Scenarios | SAP SD PDF tutorial
  6. Deatils of singles roles for the Sales and Distribution (SD) components
  7. Reports and Analyses in Sales and Dictribution Module | SAP SD Pdf study material
  8. Foreign Trade and Customs in sales and distribution module | SAP SD PDF material
  9. Basic Functions and Master Data in SD Processing | SAP SD PDF Guide
  10. SAP SD Credit & Risk Management Module Tutorial, Tables and Transaction codes
  11. SAP SD Output Determination Tutorial
  12. Transferring sales documents from a legacy system | SAP SD Tutorial
  13. Transfer of PRICAT-Messages in Sales and distribution Module | SAP SD PDF Tutorial
  14. IDOC Types Outbound and Inbound messages in SAP sales and distribution module | SAP SD Tutorial
  15. Archiving in Sales and Distribution | SAP SD
  16. Retroactive Billing | SAP SD manual guide
  17. Payment Card Processing in SAP SD | PDF manual tutorial
  18. Customer Service Processing | SAP SD PDF manual tutorial
  19. Pricing and Conditions in SAP SD Module | PDF tutorial
  20. SAP SD Transaction codes
  21. SAP SD tables
  22. SAP SD ( Sales and distribution ) Interview Questions
  23. SAP Sales Billing ( SD-BIL ) module tutorial, tables and Transaction codes
  24. SAP Sales Support ( SD – CAS ) Module Tutorial, tables and Transaction codes
  25. SAP Foreign Trade Module Tutorials, Transaction Codes and tables
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SD Module PDF Training Materials

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