FMGLFLEX05 SAP table for – General Ledger: Additional Acct Assignment: Customer 2

Here we would like to draw your attention to FMGLFLEX05 table in SAP. As we know it is being mainly used with the SAP PSM-FA (Fund Accounting in PSM) component which is coming under PSM module (Public Sector Management). FMGLFLEX05 is a SAP standard transp table used for storing General Ledger: Additional Acct Assignment: Customer 2 related data in SAP. It comes under the package FMGL.


Table FMGLFLEX05 technical data

Data storingGeneral Ledger: Additional Acct Assignment: Customer 2
Sub ModulePSM-FA
Delivery ClassA – Application table (master and transaction data)
Table CategoryTRANSP

SAP FMGLFLEX05 Table Fields

Here is the details of each fields in this SAP table. You can find the discription, data type and assigned lenth of each of the fields in FMGLFLEX05 table.

  • RCLNT : Client
    Its a key field. Its data type is CLNT (Character with length 3) with field length 3
  • .INCLUDE : Key Fields of Database Tables for Multi-Value Attributes
    Its a key field.
  • .INCLUDE : Data Part of Object Table 05
  • OBJNR05 : Object number for table group
    Its data type is INT4 (Four-byte integer – Dictionry type INT4) with field length 10
  • XTRUSTED : Record is committed on database (reliable)
    Its data type is CHAR (Character String) with field length 1