SAP PM Equipment Master Data, Tables & Tcodes

Equipment is a physical & individual object in an organization which needs independent maintenance, for example, computers & laptops. SAP Equipment master contains the information about each piece of equipment and their maintenance in Plant Maintenance Module. In this tutorial you can refer about tcodes, tables and function modules dealing with SAP PM Equipment.

IE01 is the SAP transaction code to add new equipment in the SAP system. Remember, all physical objects are not classified as equipment. Some will be coming under assets. Thus it is not mandatory that all equipment are to be under the head assets, rather it can be mere physical objects that has to be maintained independently.

SAP Equipment Master Structure

Each SAP Equipment master record contains following data. Each such data can be understood from its head itself.

  • Equipment General data: The general specifications come under the general data.
  • Equipment Maintenance, location & sales Data: All data pertaining to maintenance, location and sales shall be discussed here.
  • Equipment Serial Number: The serial number shall be explicitly listed.
  • Equipment Configuration: All data on configuration of the specific equipment will be clearly listed.
  • Equipment Partner Data: Partner Data in Equipment master indicate who is responsible for that piece of equipment.

what is SAP equipments in PM

SAP PM Equipment Transaction Codes

Important transaction codes dealing with Equipment in SAP.

SAP Equipment Tables

Some of the important tables associated with Equipment in SAP PM Module.

SAP Equipment Function Modules

Here is some function modules used for Equipment in SAP.

  • GET_SERNR_VIA_IQ09 : Reads Equipment in Serial No. Interval with Mat. No. from Equipment Table
  • GET_EQUIS_SERNR_INTERVAL_MATNR : Reads Equipment in Serial No. Interval with Mat. No. from Equipment Table
  • EAMS_VB_BTE_PM000020_EQUI : DFPS – BTE – Equipment
  • EQUIPMENT_POST : Update equipment
  • EQUIPMENT_COLLECT_DATA : BTE: Update of Equipment
  • GRRM_CTX_SH_EQUIPMENT : Search help exit for equipment
  • ECP_SRV_PARTNERS_QMEL : Read equipment partners
  • ECP_SRV_PARTNERS_IHPA : Read equipment partners
  • ECP_SRV_PARTNERS_EQUI : Read equipment partners
  • ECP_SRV_PARTNERS_BUS0010 : Read equipment partners
  • ECP_PORTAL_ALV_CONFIGURATION : Read configuration for equipment
  • EQUIPMENT_VERWENDUNG_TEST : Where-used List for Equipment in DB Objects
  • HEAL_F4IF_SHLP_EQUI : Equipment Search Help Heal Exit
  • GCFB_EVENT_HANDLER : GBC: Event Processing for Equipment Created
  • EQUI_CHECK_ASSET : Check whether an asset is still being used in a piece of equipment
  • EAM_MES_CREATE_CP_EQUI : Equipment: Create Change Pointers
  • HEAL_F4IF_SHLP_FL : Equipment Search Help Heal Exit
  • GET_EQUIS_WITH_SERNR_INTERVAL : Selects All Equipment in a Serial Number Interval
  • EHFND_SHLP_EXIT_SM_EQUI : Search Help Exit for Safety Measure Equipment
  • EHFND_SHLP_EXIT_CMP_EQUIPMENT : Search Help Exit for Safety Measure Equipment
  • EHFND_SHLP_EXIT_CMP_MATERIAL : Search Help Exit for Safety Measure Equipment
  • DPWTY_F4_EQUI_T370 : Search help exit for Equipment Master Data and Texts
  • EXIT_SAPMIEQ0_001 : Check of Customer-Defined Rules Before Equipment Update
  • ICLC_ICL_PAI_ICLS95 : Screen 605 : Edit personal equipment (named items)
  • EHFND_SHLP_EXIT_EQART_T370K : Asset Search Help Exit for Equipment Type Code
  • EHFND_SHLP_EXIT_EQU_TYPE_CODE : Asset Search Help Exit for Equipment Type Code
  • EHFND_SHLP_EXIT_SM_TYPE_CODE : Asset Search Help Exit for Equipment Type Code
  • EXIT_SAPLIEL2_001 : Check of User-Defined Rules When Defining the Equipment Hierarchy
  • EXIT_SAPLAAPM_002 : User Exit for Deriving Equipment Category from Fields of Asset Accounting
  • EHFND_SHLP_EXIT_LOCATION : Asset Search Help Exit for Equipment ID Search Help
  • EHFND_SHLP_EXIT_EQU_ID : Asset Search Help Exit for Equipment ID Search Help
  • FILTER_MATNR_SERNR_INTERVAL : Selects Material Table from Equipment Table
  • DPWTY_SERIAL_NUMBER_EQUI_GET : RFC to get the equipment number of a serial number