SAP Fiori Tutorials – Training PDF materials

SAP Fiori is another initiative from SAP to provide a faster and responsive user interface. See the SAP Fiori PDF Tutorials.This initiative is intended for provide the user interface that supports in all devices like desktops , mobile phones and tabs etc.

SAP Fiori contains a set of web apps ( currently it contain more than 300 ) which provides that facility fro easy customization. All these apps are based on business roles like HR and sales. This “Fiori” name came from Italian language that means flowers. SAP consider it as a gift for their users by its beauty and usability.

Advantages of SAP Fiori

  • Responsive
  • Faster ( because its working with HANA – In memory computing )
  • easy customization
  • Support most of the devices
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • User can do faster transactions
  • SAP Fiori Client is available for  installing  in iOS and  Android  devices

Types of Apps in SAP Fiori

  • Transactional apps
  • Analytical Apps
  • Fact sheets

SAP Fiori training materials are available in SAP official website. Here I have added some Fiori PDF study materials for your reference.

PDF Tutorials