SAP Crystal Reports Application Tutorial – PDF Training Materials

SAP Crystal Reports application provides the facility for generating and designing the reports that customers needs.This tutorial about SAP Crystal Reports contains

Its graphical interface provides the features for formatting the report and selecting the data from wide range of sources. User can easily select the data sources and can generate the reports in his desired language. This crystal reports coming under SAP BI ( Business Intelligence ) application. It will be helpful for taking the strategic decisions for an organization from the pixel perfect day to day reports.

Advantages of using SAP Crystal Reports

  • Easy customization
  • Report generating in our prefered language
  • Graphical interface to format the report
  • Graphical interface to select the data sources
  • support Wide variety data sources like Excel from Oracle
  • easy to use
  • Dont need that much technical expertisation to use
  • Can generate any type of crystal clear reports
  • Helping the organizations in taking decisons based on the generated reports

SAP Offers a 30 day free trail versions for learning Crystal  Reports. You can Register here.

See a Sample Report
sample sap crystal report

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