SAP MM Basic Functions

This documentation covers the details of SAP MM Basic Functions

Vendor, purchasing info, material, and customer master records contain foreign trade data. This data includes general foreign trade information and information on legal control and preference handling. The system uses the foreign trade data in these master records both directly and indirectly. It uses the data directly as default values in the Materials Management (MM) application component’s purchase orders and advanced shipping notifications and in the Sales and Distribution (SD) application component’s deliveries and billing documents. It uses the data indirectly when automatically determining additional export-relevant data, which it then includes in deliveries and billing documents.

Implementation Considerations
This component is fundamental to Foreign Trade and should always be implemented.

This component integrates with SD’s Sales (SD-SLS), Delivery Processing (SD-SHP-DL), and Billing (SD-BIL) components. It also integrates with Materials Management’s (MM) Purchasing (MM-PUR) and Goods Receipt (MM-IM-GR) components.


  • Maintenance of master data relevant to foreign trade
  • Copying of foreign trade data from master records and proposal objects into MM and SD documents
  • Maintenance of foreign trade data in MM and SD documents
  • Other foreign trade data management including utilities for loading commodity codes into the system and for checking vendor, material, and customer master data for completeness and consistency