SAP Material Purchasing ( MM -PUR ) module tutorial, Tables and Transactions

Purchasing in SAP is an integral component of SAP Material Management ( MM ) Module.It shortly represent as MM-PUR module. As it name says it deals with the entire processes that related to a purchase. View its Tables, Transaction codes and PDF tutorials. This module enables the organization to determine the perfect sources for supply from the requirement and the analysis of deliveries and payments. This module is tightly integrated with various other modules like Sales and Distribution ( SD ), CO and Financial accounting (FI).

SAP MM Purchasing Sub-modules list

See the list of important application components coming under SAP MM Purchasing module.

  • MM-PUR-ADB : Adobe Document Services in Purchasing
  • MM-PUR-GF : Basic Functions
    • MM-PUR-GF-SLC : Supplier Life cycle Management :ERP-integration
    • MM-PUR-GF-CE : Customer Enhancements
    • MM-PUR-GF-CON : Confirmation control/Shipping notification
    • MM-PUR-GF-CPE : CPE in MM
    • MM-PUR-GF-EDI : Electronic Data Interchange
    • MM-PUR-GF-ES : Enterprise Services in Purchasing
    • MM-PUR-GF-EIE : Intra-European Import and Export
    • MM-PUR-GF-OC : Message Determination
    • MM-PUR-GF-REL : Release (Approval)
    • MM-PUR-GF-SCR : Subcontracting in Purchasing (Repair)
    • MM-PUR-GF-SN : Serial Numbers in Purchasing
    • MM-PUR-GF-TAX : Taxes
  • MM-PUR-VM : Vendor-Material Relationships and Conditions
  • MM-PUR-SQ : Sources of Supply
  • MM-PUR-RFQ : RFQ/Quotation
  • MM-PUR-OA : Vendor Outline Agreements
  • MM-PUR-REQ : Purchase Requisitions
  • MM-PUR-PO : Purchase Orders
  • MM-PUR-EM : Empties Management (When Extension EA-CP is active)
  • MM-PUR-FIP : Perishables Procurement
  • MM-PUR-OPT : Optimization in Purchasing
  • MM-PUR-SSP : Self-Service Procurement

SAP MM Purchasing Sub modules list

Important SAP Purchasing Tables

Important SAP Purchasing Transaction codes

PDF Tutorials

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