List of SAP MM Transaction codes

This documentation covers the details of SAP MM Transaction  codes

  • All transaction are stored in table TSTC.
  • Transaction for MM module start with M.

IH09 – Display Material
MM01 – Create Material
MM02 – Change Material
MM03 – Display Material
MM50 – List Extendable Materials
MMBE – Stock Overview
MMI1 – Create Operating Supplies
MMN1 – Create Non-Stock Material
MMS1 – Create Service
MMU1 – Create Non-Valuated Material

  • ME51N – Create Purchase Requisition
  • ME52N – Change Purchase Requisition
  • ME53N – Display Purchase Requisition
  • ME5A – Purchase Requisitions: List Display
  • ME5J – Purchase Requisitions for Project
  • ME5K – Requisitions by Account Assignment
  • MELB – Purch. Transactions by Tracking No.
  • ME56 – Assign Source to Purch. Requisition
  • ME57 – Assign and Process Requisitions
  • ME58 – Ordering: Assigned Requisitions
  • ME59 – Automatic Generation of POs

ME54 – Release Purchase Requisition
ME55 – Collective Release of Purchase Reqs.
ME5F – Release Reminder: Purch. Requisition

MB21 – Create Reservation
MB22 – Change Reservation
MB23 – Display Reservation
MB24 – Reservations by Material
MB25 – Reservations by Account Assignment

MB1C – Other Goods Receipts
MB90 – Output Processing for Mat. Documents

MBRL – Return Delivery per Mat. Document

MB1B – Transfer Posting

MIBC – ABC Analysis for Cycle Counting

MI01 – Create Physical Inventory Document
MI02 – Change Physical Inventory Document
MI03 – Display Physical Inventory Document
MI31 – Batch Input: Create Phys. Inv. Doc.
MI32 – Batch Input: Block Material
MI33 – Batch Input: Freeze Book Inv.Balance
MICN – Btch Inpt:Ph.Inv.Docs.for Cycle Ctng
MIK1 – Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.Vendor Cons.
MIQ1 – Batch Input: PhInvDoc. Project Stock

MI21 – Print physical inventory document

MI04 – Enter Inventory Count with Document
MI05 – Change Inventory Count
MI06 – Display Inventory Count
MI09 – Enter Inventory Count w/o Document
MI34 – Batch Input: Enter Count
MI35 – Batch Input: Post Zero Stock Balance
MI38 – Batch Input: Count and Differences
MI39 – Batch Input: Document and Count
MI40 – Batch Input: Doc., Count and Diff.

MI08 – Create List of Differences with Doc.
MI10 – Create List of Differences w/o Doc.
MI20 – Print List of Differences

MI11 – Physical Inventory Document Recount

MI07 – Process List of Differences
MI37 – Batch Input: Post Differences

CT01 – Create Characteristic
CT02 – Change Characteristic
CT03 – Display Characteristic

CL01 – Create Class
CL02 – Classes
CL03 – Display Class
CL04 – Delete Class
CL2B – Class Types

How to create the new Unit of Measurement?

The Path(to create UOM) is as follows:

SPRO—>General Settings—>Check Uuits of Measurements

in Check units of measurements you need to define Dimension, ISO Code, Units of measurement.

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