SAP Enterprise Compensation Management in PA (PA-EC) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 105 SAP standard tables used with SAP Enterprise Compensation Management in PA component (SAP PA-EC) coming under SAP PA (Personnel Management) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP PA-EC tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

DB Table for Infotype 1271

DB Table for Infotype 5050

HR Master Record: Infotype 0758 (Compensation Program)

HR Master Record: Infotype 0759 (Compensation Process)

HR Master Record: Infotype 0760 (Comp. Eligibility Override)

HR Master Record: Infotype 0761 (LTI Grant)

HR Master Record: Infotype 0762 (LTI Exercising)

HR Master Record: Infotype 0763 (LTI Participant Data)

Compensation Area

Compensation Area Text

Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan Text

Compensation Plan Attributes

Compensation Plan Payroll Data

First Compensation Program Grouping

First Compensation Program Grouping Text

Second Compensation Program Grouping

Second Compensation Program Grouping Text

Compensation Program

Compensation Review

Compensation Review Text

Compensation Review Item

Compensation Review Item Text

Compensation Review Item Attributes

Compensation Eligibility Rule Variant

Compensation Eligibility Rule Variant Text

Compensation Eligibility Grouping

Compensation Eligibility Grouping Text

Compensation Eligibility Rule

Compensation Appraisal Rule

Compensation Appraisal Rule Text

Compensation Guideline Variant

Compensation Guideline Variant Text

Compensation Guideline Grouping

Compensation Guideline Grouping Text

Compensation Guideline

Compensation Guideline Proration Rule

Compensation Guideline Proration Rule Text

Compensation Guideline Matrix

Compensation Guideline Matrix Text

Compensation Matrix Dimension

Compensation Matrix Dimension Text

Compensation Method for Matrix Dimensions

Compensation Method for Matrix Dimensions Text

Compensation Matrix Dimension Segment

Compensation Matrix Dimension Segment Text

Compensation Matrix Values

Survey Provider


Survey Name

Survey Job

Survey Job Text

Survey Job Family

Survey Job Family Text

Survey Job Catalog

Survey Header Data

Survey General Data

Survey Statistical Data

Survey Job / Internal Job Matching Data

Survey Country

Survey Industry

Survey Industry Code

Survey Industry Code Text

Survey Region

Survey Region Code

Survey Region Code Text

Survey Revenue Size

Survey Revenue Size Code

Survey Revenue Size Code Text

Survey Company Size

Survey Company Size Code

Survey Company Size Code Text

Survey Company Type

Survey Company Type Code

Survey Company Type Code Text

Survey Length of Service

Survey Length of Service Code

Survey Length of Service Code Text

Pay Category

Pay Category Text

Survey Data Fields Mapping

Salary Range Adjustment

Survey Composite Result

Survey Composite Result Text

Salary Adjustment Version

Salary Adjustment Version Text

Compensation Job Group

Compensation Job Group Text

Pay Category Attribute

LTI Plan Attributes

LTI Plan Time Dependent Attributes

LTI Plan Pricing Information

LTI Plan Payroll Data

Stock Unit

Stock Unit Text

Conversion of Stock Units

Vesting Rule

Vesting Rule Text

Vesting Schedule

Exercise Window Rule

Exercise Window Rule Text

Exercise Windows

Life Event

Life Event Text

Default Values for Life Events