HR Form Editor | SAP HR Pdf study material

The HR Form Editor (or form editor) is a tool used in Human Resources to enable you to create or edit forms. (Refer the PDF training material)

HR Form Editor (PY-XX-TL).. 6
Structure of a Form ..8
Calling the Form Editor..9
Editor Settings.10
Navigation Functions in the Form Editor..11
Creating or Changing Forms..13
Attribute ..14
Background ..15
Copying or Moving Several Lines ..16
Deleting Several Lines ..17
Single Field..18
Deleting the Single Fields for a Page Type ..19
Showing or Hiding a Page Type ..20
Creating a Single Field..21
Constant in an Individual Field: Example ..22
Text Module in Individual Field: Example..23
Table Content in Individual Field: Example ..24
Editing a Single Field ..25
Copying or Moving Several Single Fields ..26
Deleting Single Fields ..27
Line Layout..28
Creating a Line Layout..29
Editing a Line Layout ..30
Creating a Line Layout: Example..31
Column Types for Line Layouts ..33
Creating a Window..37
Creating a Window: Example..38
Editing a Window ..40
Groups and Subgroups..41
Creating Groups ..42
Creating or Changing a Subgroup..43
Group Text .44
Creating Group Text ..45
Creating a Line Layout for Group Text ..46
Cumulation Identifiers ..47
Cumulation Identifier: Time Quotas in Single Fields..50
Cumulation Identifier: Time Quota in Window ..52
Creating Cumulation Identifiers ..53
Creating a Cumulation Identifier: Example ..54
Text Modules..55
Creating a Text Module..56

Creating a Text Module for Two Languages: Example ..57
Rule ..58
Creating a Rule ..59
Creating a Rule: Example..60
Wage Type Addition..61
Wage Type Summarization..62
Summarizing Single-Split Wage Types ..63
Summarization of a Multiple-Split Wage Type..65
Summarizing Multiple-Split Wage Types: Method 1 ..66
Summarizing Multiple-Split Wage Types: Method 2 ..68
Wage Type Summarization..71
Cumulating Wage Types Without Splits ..72
Cumulating Wage Types With and Without Splits..74
Cumulation of Split Wage Types ..76
Cumulating Wage Types with Identical Splits ..77
Cumulating Wage Types with Different Splits ..79
Documentation 82
Multilingual Forms ..83
Copying a Form for a Different Language..84
Changing the Form Language ..85
Deleting the Form Language..86
Copying Forms Within a Client..87
Deleting Forms ..88
Transporting Forms ..89
Form Copier ..90
Copying a Standard HR Form Across Clients..91
Comparing Forms ..92