SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Tutorial, Tables and Tcodes


This study material is a good reference for both beginners & experienced SAP SRM professionals.
Topics covered in this PDF are

SAP Supplier Relationship Management
1.1 What’s New in SAP Supplier Relationship Management
1.1.1 What’s New in SAP Enhancement Package 3 for SRM 7.0 Support Package Stack 05 SRM, Continuous Innovations 3 Inconsistent Business Partner Handling Assign Supplier Button Assign Supplier or Currency to selected items in Shopping Cart Text Format for Long Text Boxes Check for Open Purchase Orders before Contract Completion Additional Status for RFx Support Package Stack 07 SRM, Large Document Handling Large Document Handling for Contracts Large Document Handling for RFx Mass Changes to Contracts Mass Copy of Contracts Defer Sourcing Rejection Reason in Sourcing Application Follow-On Documents in Shopping Cart Contract Release Value Update
1.2 Business Functions and Customizing Switches
1.3 Overview
1.4 Master Data
1.4.1 Product Categories
1.4.2 Product Category Hierarchies and Supplier Hierarchies
1.4.3 Business Partners Locking of Business Partners Business Partner Change Monitor
1.4.4 User and Employee Data
1.4.5 Addresses
1.4.6 Revision Level Display
1.5 Functions
1.5.1 Global Functions
1.5.2 Administrative Functions
1.5.3 Central Contract Management
1.5.4 Shopping Cart
1.5.5 Purchase Orders
1.5.6 Sourcing
1.5.7 Invoices and Credit Memos
1.5.8 Confirmations
1.5.9 Business Workflow Process-Controlled Workflows Application-Controlled Workflows
1.5.10 Supplier Qualification
1.5.11 Supplier Self-Services
1.5.12 Analytics
1.5.13 Integration with Collaboration Projects (cProjects)
1.5.14 Procurement Card Payment Process
1.5.15 Archiving
1.5.16 Country-Specific Functions
1.6 SRM-MDM Catalog
1.6.1 Catalog Content Management
1.6.2 SRM-MDM Catalog for Product Procurement
1.6.3 SRM-MDM Catalog:Service Procurement
1.7 Business Packages
1.7.1 Business Package for SAP Supplier Relationship Management
1.7.2 Business Package for Supplier Collaboration 4.0
1.8 Procurement for Public Sector (PPS)