SAP Business Partner in FS (FS-BP) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 124 transaction codes used with SAP FS-BP component (SAP Business Partner in FS) coming under SAP FS Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP FS-BP tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

IMG Activity

Evaluation of Business Parter Data

Partner:Change Documents – Addresses

Business Partner: Change Documents
Menu Path : Information Systems → Accounting → Treasury → Master Data → Business Partners → Changes to Business Partners

Create Treasury partner

Create Treasury partner

Create Principal Loan Partner

Change Principal Loan Partner

Display Principal Loan Partner

Create Issuer

Change issuer

Display issuer

Create Counterparty

Change Counterparty

Display Counterparty

Create Depository Bank

Create Depository Bank

Create Depository Bank

Create Paying Bank

Create Paying Bank

Create Paying Bank

Create Beneficiary

Create Beneficiary

Create Beneficiary

Create Guarantor

Display Guarantor

Display Guarantor

Create Different Settler

Display Different Settler

Display Different Settler

Create business partner

Create business partner

Create business partner

Account Holder In-House Cash: Create

Account Holder In-House Cash: Change

Account Holder In-House Cash:Display

Change Documents Payment Details

Change Docs Correspondence

Chg. Docs Transaction Authoriz.

Standg instrns Maintain pmnt details

Display SI Payment Details

Standing instns Alloc. pmnt details

Maintain Correspondence SI

Display SI Correspondence

Copy Standing Instruct. for Corresp.

Delete Standing Instr. for Corresp.

Authorization – maintain SI

Authorization – display SI

Copy SI for Transaction Authorizat.

Delete SI for Trans. Authorization

SI Maintain Derived Flows

Display SI Derived Flows

Copy SI for Derived Flows

Delete SI for Derived Flows

Standing Instructions: Evaluations

Tools for Standing Instructions

Fin. transaction: Create archive

Update BUT021 from BUT021_FS

Create Business Partner

Change Business Partner

Display Business Partner

Create Business Partner Customer

Change Business Partner Customer

Display Business Partner Customer

Enter Tax Compliance Types

Enter Countries for Tax Compliance

Enter Reasons for Compliance Status

Check Consistency of Customizing

Display Total Commitment

Change Status of Total Commitment

Change Document List

Data Transfer to but021_fs

Tests MDM Scenarios for FSBP

BP: Screen Customizing for Query


Marital property regime

Employee Group


Credit Rating Institute

Loan to manager

Employment Status

German Banking Act Credit Info.

Target Group

Undesirable Customer

Identification Number Categories

Characteristics of ID Numbers Cat.s

OeNB Target Groups

Values Table Group Category Fields

BP: Maintain Acquisn. Add.Data Types

Maintain Diff. Type Criterion

Control Diff. Type Criterion

Define Grouping Characteristic

Assignment Categories

BP: Assignment Category- Application

BP: Assign modules to time periods

BP: Role categories – application

BP: Role categories – application

BPR: Role for Grouping/Address Type

Category of Additional Data Fields

Set Information Category

Role Types

Cockpit for Extensible Objects (XO)

Cockpit for Extensible Objects (XO)

Compare Customizing

Export Customizing in XML File

Edit Data Cleansing Case

Release Data Cleansing Case

Reset Data Cleansing Case

Create Change Pointer for Reconc.

Reconcile Purpose of Use

Address V1 Test Implementation

Relationship V1 Test Implementation

Alias V1 Test Implementation

Common V1 Test Implementation

CommonData Test Implementation

Alias Test Implementation

Address Test Implementation

Relationship Test Implementation

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