SAP FI Module Tutorial

Where do we specify the sample account in FS00. I created a sample account for all expense accounts to use a particular field status group. Now I want to specify that sample account while creating g/l accounts. how do I do that? This documentation covers the details of Sample Account Assignment in G/L Account FICO General Ledger

We define Sample account at OB15 and the path is SAP Ref:
IMG\Financial ccounting\GLAccounting\GLAccounts\MasterRecords\Preparations\Additional Activities\Sample Accounts

Step1: Maintain List of Rules types

In this step you just create a code for your Sample Account
Create a New Entry XXXX Sample account for Pleasecontact1 then save

Step 2: Define Data Transfer Rules FSK2

In this step you define the data transfer rule i.e., whether it can be editable
or only display etc after a Master record is created with Sample Account.

Selects the fields that you want to transfer (check boxes)and can be changed and can’t be changed etc., then save.

Step 3: Assign Company Code to Rule Type

In this step you will assign your sample account to your company code.

Just select your company and select your Sample account and assign then save.

Step 4: Create Sample Account. FSM1

Now create Sample Account same as you create at FS00, then save.

Now Sample account is created. Now you can find Sample account field in FS00 (if you assign it company code it won’t be displayed) enter Sample account no, and press enter all the fields that you have selected in Step 2 will be copied (transferred) according the rule (checkboxes) you have selected there.

At Tcode FS00

At FS00 you can see/Edit/Create a GL Master Record which is maintained by the Company Code. Where as Sample Account is not GL Master Record but it is a set of settings/rules which are easily available to create a GL Master Record (understand this point clearly) This sample account does not hold your transaction data nor you can edit or view at FS00.

To use your Sample Account:
1. Go to FS00, give a GL account no (other than Sample account no of course). Select create
2. Then check all fields, whether any field is filled like Currency, Open Item
Management, etc *for your confirmation* (obviously every field is empty)
3. Now enter Sample Account no in Sample Account field and give Account Group. press Enter. U will get a message that “Data from changed Sample account was accepted”, check data.
4. Now check all fields again. Now u will find some fields filled with values
which you have defined in Data Transfer Rules while creating Sample Account.
This is the purpose of Sample account.


  • We can archive & load the historical financial accounting module data. Archiving old & currently not in use data helps to save the storage & increase the program performance. We cannot archive all FI data like which contains open items; archivable data should meet certain parameters. The archived data can be accessed & reloaded in future. Some of the archivable SAP FI data are
    • Accounting documents
    • Payment requests
    • Customer master data
    • Vendor master data
    • Bank master data
  • Payment program in SAP financial accounting module is used to do the international payment transfers. This helps to make the transactions with vendors & customers easily & by following all country specific rules. The FI subcomponents which are mainly using the payment program are
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Treasury
    • Bank Accounting
  • Each data posting in Financial Accounting is known as a document.