SAP FI Module Tutorial

SAP FI ( Financial Accounting ) is one the functional module in SAP software.Company-wide control and integration of financial information is essential to strategic decision making, SAP ERP Financials enables you to centrally track financial accounting data within an international framework of multiple companies, languages, currencies, and charts of accounts.SAP FI module mainly deals with

  • Fixed asset
  • accrual
  • bank
  • cash journal
  • inventory
  • tax accounting
  • General ledger,
  • Accounts receivable
  • accounts payable
  • AR/AP,
  • Fast close functions
  • Financial statements
  • Parallel valuations
  • Master data governance.

SAP FI Consultants responsible for implementing Financial Accounting with SAP ERP Financials.In this page you will get some SAP FI tutorials and PDF guides to download.

FI & CO Main References

Sub-components of FI Module

sap fi module


PDF Documents

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  • We can archive & load the historical financial accounting module data. Archiving old & currently not in use data helps to save the storage & increase the program performance. We cannot archive all FI data like which contains open items; archivable data should meet certain parameters. The archived data can be accessed & reloaded in future. Some of the archivable SAP FI data are
    • Accounting documents
    • Payment requests
    • Customer master data
    • Vendor master data
    • Bank master data
  • Payment program in SAP financial accounting module is used to do the international payment transfers. This helps to make the transactions with vendors & customers easily & by following all country specific rules. The FI subcomponents which are mainly using the payment program are
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Treasury
    • Bank Accounting
  • Each data posting in Financial Accounting is known as a document.