We can use System Fields with SAP Smart Forms for displaying  certain values like page number, current window name, time etc. In Smart Forms the system fields look like &SFSY-XXXX& . SFSY will be the first string along with fields.  When we process the forms this fields will  retrieve  the desired values for our output. System fields of […]

Each Smart Form can trigger a number of exceptions during its execution. To limit this number of exceptions, you can bundle the occurring errors in error classes and store them in an error log in the composer. This documentation covers the details of Runtime Errors, exceptions in Smart Forms For each error, you store an […]

What is SAP Smart Forms? SAP Smart Forms is introduced in SAP Basis Release 4.6C as the tool for creating and maintaining forms. SAP Smart Forms allow you to execute simple modifications to the form and in the form logic by using simple graphical tools; in 90% of all cases, this won’t include any programming […]