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Foreign Trade is a sub component of SAP sales and Distribution module.Shortly known as SD-FT . It helping the organization to do their trade with foreign countries easily and effectively.It will check all the licensing requirements as per the regulations for each foreign trade for the company.It will automatically create, print and post the declarations […]

SAP sales support is a component of Sales & Distribution ( SAP SD ) module. It is technically named as Computer Aided Selling ( SD-CAS ). View its tables, Transaction codes and PDF tutorials. This module helps the organization to boost their marketing and sales. This module work as tool for creating new sales, tracking […]

Billing in SAP is an integral part of Sales and Distribution (SD) Module. This module technically represent as SD-BIL in SAP. View its Transaction codes, Tables and PDF training materials. As the name says it deals with the billing of sales after all processes in SD. This component is responsible for creating the invoices or […]

Here I have collected some important interview questions that can expect in your job interviews for SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) module. SD module in SAP is really big one and even experienced professionals may not aware about the full functionalities in this module. Before attending the interview , you should prepare about the basic […]

List of Important and useful Transaction codes used in SAP sales and distribution ( SD ) module. Customer Tcodes XD01 : Create Customer (Centrally) XD02 : Change Customer (Centrally) XD03 : Display Customer (Centrally) XD04 : Customer Changes (Centrally) XD05 : Block customer (centrally) XD06 : Mark customer for deletion (centr.) XD07 : Change Customer […]

List of important and standard tables used in SAP sales and distribution module ( SD ). KNA1 : General Data KNB1 : Customer Master – Co. Code Data (payment method, reconciliation acct) KNB4 : Customer Payment History KNB5 : Customer Master – Dunning info KNBK : Customer Master Bank Data KNKA : Customer Master Credit […]

Here we are going to learn about the pricing , its conditions & procedures in SAP SD module from a PDF training material.The term pricing is used broadly to describe the calculation of prices (for external use by customers or vendors) and costs (for internal purposes, such as cost accounting). Conditions represent a set of […]

Customer Service (CS) draws on functionality from different SAP application components, in particular Plant Maintenance (PM) and Sales and Distribution (SD). For example, CS involves the planning and processing of external services, such s contracts for the maintenance and repair of equipment that a customer has either bought or rented. Maintenance planning and servicing is […]

Here is a PDF tutorial about Retroactive billing in SAP SD. New pricing agreements that you make with your customers may affect billing documents that have already been processed and settled. If a new pricing agreement is effective before the pricing date of the billing documents, you can perform retroactive billing to call up a […]

Here is a PDF training material about SAP payment card (Debit card, Credit card etc) processing configuration & and its other details. Payment cards frequently replace cash as a means of payment, becoming indispensable to customers and valuable tools for businesses. The importance of payment cards requires their integration into modern business processes.Payment card processing […]

You can specify in Customizing for SAP Sales and Distribution under Data Transfer and Archiving which document types are to be archived. The following table shows the available archiving objects in SAP SD module: Objects Archiving object Sales documents SD_VBAK Billing Documents SD_VBRK Sales activities SD_VBKA Rebate agreements and relevant conditions SD_AGREEM Conditions SD_COND Customer […]

In SAP SD The following outbound and inbound EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) messages are available in the standard system. IDoc Types for Outbound Messages EDI standard term Output type IDoc type Quotation QUOTES ORDERS01 ORDERS02 ORDERS03 ORDERS04 Sales order confirmation ORDERSP ORDERS01 ORDERS02 ORDERS03 ORDERS04 Invoice INVOIC INVOIC01 INVOIC02 Invoice list INVOIC INVOIC01 INVOIC02 Foreign […]

Here is a PDF training guide about Pricat message transfer in SAP SD module. This business process allows you to export a logical message type PRICAT from R/3 to an external system, via ALE and IDocs, or to import it from an external system. (R/3 supports both EANCOM standard message type PRICAT and ANSI X12 […]

Here is a PDF training material about output determination ins SAP sales & distribution module. In SAP SD the Output Determination component offers output functions for sales, shipping, transportation,and billing to help you manage sales transactions with your customers and within your company.You can create sales activity output (for example, customer telephone calls, mailing campaigns)and […]

Here is a PDF training material about transferring sales documents form a legacy system to SAP. The documentation for transferring sales documents from a legacy system is structured as follows:1)The information sheet contains a table of the most important technical information that you require to transfer data.2)The process flow describes the data transfer process in […]

Detailed reference guide about Basic Functions and Master Data in SAP SD Processing. Three important tables used to store master data in SAP sales & distribution module are as follows. Table Name Used for Storing LFA1 Heneral Section data about Vendor (Vendor Master) KNA1 General Data about Customer (Customer Master) MARA General Material Data (Material […]

Here is a PDF training material about Credit & Risk management in SAP SD. Credit and Risk management in SAP is a module under Sales and Distribution ( SD ). This module also integrated with Accounts Receivable of FI module. View its tables, Transaction codes and PDF Tutorials.Credit Management deals with the limit of credits […]

Here is a PDF training material about Foreign trade & customs in SAP. As markets become increasingly more global and business structures more complex, the need for accuracy in handling the foreign trade needs of a business is gaining rapidly in importance.SAP’s R/3 Foreign Trade / Customs application (FT) provides the tools you need to […]

Details of the following the singles roles for the Sales and Distribution (SD) components. Inquiry Processing SAP_LO_SD_INQUIRY_PROCESSING Quotation Processing SAP_LO_SD_QUOTATION_PROCESSING Contract Processing SAP_LO_SD_CONTRACT_PROCESSING Sales Order Processing SAP_LO_SD_SALES_ORD_PROCESSING Scheduling Agreement Processing SAP_LO_SD_SCHED_AGR_PROCESSING Returns Processing SAP_LO_SD_RETURN_PROCESSING Rebate Processing SAP_LO_SD_REBATE_PROCESSING Sales Deal and Promotion Processing SAP_LO_SD_DEALS_PROMOTI_PROCES Display Customer and Material Information SAP_LO_SD_INFORMATION_DISPLAY Billing Processing (online) SAP_LO_SD_BILLING_PROCESSING Billing Processing […]

The SAP R/3 System offers you a wide range of information and analysis tools for sales and distribution. These provide you with a quick overview of your current business situation.Here is a PDF training material which contains about SAP SD reports & analyses. Contents of this Tutorial about SAP SD Reports & Analyses Reports and […]

Here is a PDF training material about SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Workflow Scenarios. It contains most of the topics like SD workflow templates and different errors & solution in SD.   Contents of this PDF Tutorial Sales and Distribution (SD) Workflow Scenarios . 5 Processing Credit Memo Requests (SD-SLS-RE).6 Example: Processing Credit Memo Requests.8 […]

Here is a PDF training material about SAP Sales documents.Sales is coming under SAP Sales & Distribution module. Sales allows you to execute different business transactions based on sales documents defined in the system. Deliveries and billing documents can be created and processed from the sales document.Some sales documents, such as cash sales and rush […]

Here is a PDF training material about SAP SD Billing. Billing (SD-BIL) is a component coming under SAP SD module. Billing represents the final processing stage for a business transaction in Sales and Distribution.Information on billing is available at every stage of order processing and delivery processing. Like all parts of sales order processing in […]

Here is a PDF training material about the usage of EDI interfaces in Sales & Distribution module. The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) component in Sales and Distribution consists of an Intermediate Document (IDoc) interface. You can use this interface for “send messages (outbound processing) such as an order confirmation through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)” and […]

Here is a PDF training material about Billing plan component in SAP Sales & Distribution module. In SAP SD a billing plan is a schedule of individual billing dates for a single item in a sales document. You can define a billing plan at header level, which is then valid for all items assigned to […]