Following table contains full details about structure of MATAMS01 IDOC type. Legacy data SAP IDOC SEGMENT IDOC FIELD QUALIFIERS / CONSTANT COMMENTS File Field comment Segment element notes comments all date here EDI_DC40 client per installation is predefined EDI_DC40 idoc number blank and hardcorded EDI_DC40 SAP Release 620 into API EDI_DC40 idoc status blank EDI_DC40 […]

Conversion of IDocs from or into e-mails

This documents gives the details of outbound and inbound processes of Conversion of IDocs from or into e-mails Use IDocs can be exchanged via the Internet with any system which has an e-mail address. Structure Structure of an e-mail An IDoc e-mail contains the IDocs as an attachment in MIME format (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions). […]

SAP IDOC Structure Introduction

IDOC type and IDOC. An Intermediate Document (IDOC) type represents the structure of the data associated with a message type (DEBMAS02 for message type DEBMAS — Customer Master, and WMMBID02 for message type WMMBXY— Goods Movements), while an IDOC is an object containing the data of a particular message type. IDOCs are data containers with […]