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SAP HCM PA ( Personnel Administration ) Module tutorials, Tcodes and Tables

SAP PA stands for Personnel Administration. It’s a sub-component of the HCM module in SAP. As the name says this module handles the task of administration of Employees. It saves time and cost by easing regular administrative task on employee related data and functions. SAP PA Tables    SAP PA Transaction codes   SAP PA Pdf tutorials It […]

List of SAP HR TABLES and Infotypes tables

Detailed full list of tables and infotypes used in SAP HR module. CATSCO Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)- Transfer to CO CATSDB CATS- Database Table for Time Sheet CATSHR Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)- Transfer to HR CATSMM Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)- Transfer to MM (material management) CATSPM Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)- Transfer to PM/CS CATSPS Cross-Application […]

SAP HR Transaction codes

List of important transaction codes in SAP HR Master Data,Time Management , Payroll , Benefits , General Reporting , Organizational Management , Recruitment. You can download the Pdf version also from the following link which contains the complete list of HR Tcodes Master Data  PA10 – Personnel file PA20 – Display HR Master Data PA30 […]

SAP HR Interview questions & Answers | Realtime Questions

SAP HR Interview questions like simple maintenance interface, INFOGROUPS, PROCESSING CLASS, EVALUTION PATH,INTERNAL PAYROLL PROCESS, schema,authorization, Dynamic Actions,Recruitment Cycle,internal recruitment, Time management. Explain the uses of the simple maintenance interface? Simple Maintenance is used when Staff assignments and reporting structure are to be changed. There are three main areas in Simple Maintenance. Each area contains […]

Training and Event Management | Room Reservation Management | SAP HR PE Component Short Description

Details of Training and Event Management and Room Reservation Management in SAP HR. Training and Event Management The Training and Event Management component has functions to enable you to plan and manage all kinds of business events from training events to conventions simply and efficiently. R/3 Training and Event Management is an integral part of […]

SAP HR Infotypes | Complete List | Detail Reference PDF material

Complete list and details of Infotypes in SAP HR. HR Infotypes………..26 PA – Personnel Management ……….. 27 PA – RC Recruitment …………… 28 Education (Infotype 0022) …………. 29 Contract Elements (0016) Infotype……… 30 Applicant Actions (Infotype 4000)……….. 31 Applications (Infotype 4001)………. 32 Vacancy Assignment (Infotype 4002)….. 33 Applicant Activities (Infotype 4003) …….. 34 Applicant’s Personnel […]

HR Form Editor | SAP HR Pdf study material

The HR Form Editor (or form editor) is a tool used in Human Resources to enable you to create or edit forms. (Refer the PDF training material) Contents HR Form Editor (PY-XX-TL).. 6 Forms..7 Structure of a Form ..8 Calling the Form Editor..9 Editor Settings.10 Navigation Functions in the Form Editor..11 Creating or Changing Forms..13 […]

what is Coding Block | SAP HR Tutorial

The coding block in SAP is a tool used to enter additional account assignments, for example, cost center, order or project. The coding block is supported by Accounting (AC) and used by other application components such as Human Resources (HR), which include the AC screen as a subscreen. The tool enables HR users to enter […]