SAP Expanded Infrastructure in BW (BW-EI) Component Details & Tutorials

SAP BW-EI sub module is an application component stands for Expanded Infrastructure in BW. It is coming under the BW module (Business Warehouse). Here is a quick overview tutorial about its sub modules, transaction codes and tables for your training purpose.

SAP BW-EI module


Here is the list of sub components coming under the SAP Expanded Infrastructure in BW application component with the package name they belong to.

  1. BR81000021 → BW-EI → Expanded Infrastructure
  2. BR81000041 → BW-EI-APD → Analysis Process Designer
  3. BR81000022 → BW-EI-DM → Data Mining
  4. BR81000023 → BW-EI-RTR → Retraction

SAP BW-EI (Expanded Infrastructure in BW) TABLES

Here is a list of sample 15 tables coming under BW-EI component. Full list will be available from the mentioned link after this list.

  1. RSDMESC_ABC_SEL → Threshold Values for Filling ABC Indicator
  2. RSANT_PR_APPL → Application Hierarchy for Processes in Table RSANT_PROCESS
  3. RSDMTD_CONF_MTRX → Model Prediction Info
  4. RSDMESC_ABC_STAT → Administration Data for ABC Analysis
  5. RSDMESC_ABC_MAP → Mapping for Filling ABC Indicator
  6. RSDMTD_TREEHDR → Tree Header
  7. RSDMTC_MOD_PRED → Model Prediction Info
  8. RSDMESC_WST_SCOR → Weighted Score Tables: Scores in the Individual Dimensions
  9. RSDMTPN_MODEL → Analytical Models using the services available
  10. RSDMTP_BAT_CRHDR → CRM Target Group Creation – Details Target Group
  11. RSANT_PRP_TREX → APD Provider Runtime – TREX Object Timestamp
  12. RSDMA_DBT_WEIGHT → DB: Weights
  13. RSDMESC_ABC_TXT → Description for ABC Analysis
  14. RSDMTA_LEAD_DET → Leading items detail table
  15. RSANT_PRP_PROVF → APD Provider Runtime – InfoProvider Fields
  16. View full list of SAP BW-EI Tables with description

SAP BW-EI (Expanded Infrastructure in BW) TCODES

See the list oftransaction codes used with SAP BW-EI sub module.

  1. RSANWB_START_ALL → Model the Analysis Process
  2. RSDMWB → Datamining Workbench
  3. RSDMWB_OO → Datamining Workbench
  4. RSANWB_MONITOR → Monitor for Analysis Run
  5. RSAN_VERI → Analysis Process: Test Monitor
  6. RSDMCUS → Data Mining Customising
  7. RSANWB_EXEC → Execute Analysis Process
  8. RSAN_WB_TST → Analysis Process – Display Data
  9. RSDMWB_OLD → Data Mining Workbench
  10. RSDDG → Demo Data Generation
  11. RSANWB → Analysis Process Designer