SAP Business One (B1) is an ERP software focused on growing small & medium companies. It was purchased from an Israel Company in 2002.The main attraction of this software is that it really affordable and giving more chance of critical decision making for the firms. It combines all the company working data into a single […]

SAP PA stands for Personnel Administration. It’s a sub-component of the HCM module in SAP. As the name says this module handles the task of administration of Employees. It saves time and cost by easing regular administrative task on employee related data and functions. SAP PA Tables    SAP PA Transaction codes   SAP PA Pdf tutorials It […]

SAP Financial Supply Chain Management module shortly known as FSCM is mainly focus on the better finance & capital flow inside a company and their clients. This module handles credit management, dispute management, e-invoicing (online invoice and payment solution for clients) etc. Components of FSCM, FSCM Tables , FSCM Tcodes , FSCM PDF Tutorials   […]

Foreign Trade is a sub component of SAP sales and Distribution module.Shortly known as SD-FT . It helping the organization to do their trade with foreign countries easily and effectively.It will check all the licensing requirements as per the regulations for each foreign trade for the company.It will automatically create, print and post the declarations […]

SAP SRM is coming as part of Business Suite Software and its full form is Supplier Relationship Management. As the name says its dealing with suppliers for better performance and returns. It helps the organization to reduce their procurement expenses. Also it helps the coordination between business processes and suppliers relationship.Check the SRM pdf tutorial […]

SAP SOP stands for Sales & Operations Planning. It is one of the important component of PP module. As the name says it is used as a planning tool based on the past , present & estimated data. View SOP tables, Tcodes and PDF Tutorials. This tool helping the organization to decide their targets for […]

In SAP, Consignment stocks are coming under MM-IM (Inventory Management) module.Consignment stocks are special type of stocks that are stored at customer location and owned by the vendor itself. Later the customer can own the stocks or can return to the vendor. See the Tcodes , tables and PDF tutorials related to this. Consignment stocks […]

SAP COPA is a sub module coming under CO module. PA stands for profitability analysis. As the name says this module acts as a strategic & finanicial reporting tool for analysisng the profitability based on different segements.View COPA tables, Transaction codes and PDF tutorials. The segements can be based on different user inputs like country […]

SAP sales support is a component of Sales & Distribution ( SAP SD ) module. It is technically named as Computer Aided Selling ( SD-CAS ). View its tables, Transaction codes and PDF tutorials. This module helps the organization to boost their marketing and sales. This module work as tool for creating new sales, tracking […]

Billing in SAP is an integral part of Sales and Distribution (SD) Module. This module technically represent as SD-BIL in SAP. View its Transaction codes, Tables and PDF training materials. As the name says it deals with the billing of sales after all processes in SD. This component is responsible for creating the invoices or […]

SAP Invoice verification module (MM-IV) is a part of process under Material management module. It occurs as the last step of a material procurement action. View Tables, Transaction codes and PDF tutorials for getting clear knowledge about this component. After all the processes like purchase requisition from goods receipt, invoice verification process occurs against the […]

Vendor Evaluation (MM-IS-VE) is another sub component of Material management module. View its tables, transaction codes and PDF tutorials. This module is responsible for continuous evaluation of vendors by price, delivery, terms of payment, history of purchases etc. This module helps the organization to evaluate their vendors based on a score between 0 to 100. […]

Inventory management in SAP is an important component of MM module.It shortly represent as MM-IM. It deals with the management of stocks and good movement. View its tables, transaction codes and PDF tutorials. The stocks keeping is managed by the quantity or the amount basis. This module is responsible for the entire goods movement tracking […]

Purchasing in SAP is an integral component of SAP Material Management ( MM ) Module.It shortly represent as MM-PUR module. As it name says it deals with the entire processes that related to a purchase. View its Tables, Transaction codes and PDF tutorials. This module enables the organization to determine the perfect sources for supply […]

SAP Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) are two important components of SAP Financial (FI) Module.They represent as FI-AR & FI-AP respectively.This tutorial contain following details about those modules. Accounts Payable tables Accounts Payable transaction codes Accounts Receivable tables Accounts Receivable tcodes PDF tutorials As their name says these modules deals with the amounts […]

SAP Travel Management ( FI-TV ) is a financial ( FI ) sub-module. As the name says it manages all the trips of the organization. See its Transaction codes , Tables and PDF tutorials. It deals with the trip request, planning and expenses. The data is integrated with other modules. It makes the organization to […]

SAP Funds management ( FI-FM ) is another sub component under FI module. As the name it helps the organization to manage funds. View Tables, Tcodes and PDF tutorials to learn more about this module. It helps the companies for proper budgeting and avoiding overrun budgets. Funds management integrate with many modules like General Ledger […]

SAP Financial Consolidation ( FI-LC ) is another sub component of FI module providing the consolidated financial data ( This module is almost depreciated Now ). A company will have many business areas and a corporate have many companies under that group. So this module helps to view as a single financial statement by consolidating […]

SAP Bank Accounting (FI-BL) is a sub component under FI module. It deals with all the transactions done through bank.  See Transaction codes, Tables and PDF tutorials for getting more  knowledge  about this module. In a company most of the transactions occurring through banks only.Also banking is a regular & essential process for the firms. So we […]

SAP General Ledger Accounting ( Shortly G/L Accounting ) is one of the main sub component of SAP FI module.A general ledger is the data that contains entire transactions of a company.View Tcodes , Tables and PDF tutorials for getting more idea about this component. It acts as the main record for all accounting purposes. […]

Asset Acoounting is a sub component of SAP FI Module. It deals with the fixed assets of the compant for their management and analysis/ It provides the complete information about the fixed assets transactions inside a company.See the Tables , Transaction codes & Pdf tutorials for getting more knowledge about this component. SAP Asset Accounting […]

Here is the list of Material Master tables ( MM Module tables ) in SAP. All these tables are linked with the key MATNR ( Material Number ). The followed diagram shows the keys and description of each table for getting clear knowledge. MARA MAKT MARC MARD MAPE MBEW MBEWH MVKE MARM MEAN MLEA MAMT […]

List of important and standard tables used in SAP sales and distribution module ( SD ). KNA1 : General Data KNB1 : Customer Master – Co. Code Data (payment method, reconciliation acct) KNB4 : Customer Payment History KNB5 : Customer Master – Dunning info KNBK : Customer Master Bank Data KNKA : Customer Master Credit […]

Credit and Risk management in SAP is a module under Sales and Distribution ( SD ). This module also integrated with Accounts Receivable of FI module. View its tables, Transaction codes and PDF Tutorials.Credit Management deals with the limit of credits for customers and helping the organization from excess credits. When an Invoice is generated […]

Detailed full list of tables and infotypes used in SAP HR module. CATSCO Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)- Transfer to CO CATSDB CATS- Database Table for Time Sheet CATSHR Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)- Transfer to HR CATSMM Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)- Transfer to MM CATSPM Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)- Transfer to PM/CS CATSPS Cross-Application Time Sheet […]

Its good to know about the important and frequently used tables in modules where we are working with.Here we are listing the tables in SAP FI & CO modules. List contains the table names with main field names and specific usage of that table. Tables in CO Module Tables in FI Module Tables in Asset […]

SAP System tables for Sales orders Name Description Uses LIKP Shipped Lines header LIPS Shipped Lines detail VBAK Order header Every order (unless archiving) VBAP Table fields Every line item (unless archiving) VBBE Open sales order line items Great file, but be careful. Contents don’t reflect orders that do not affect purchasing (go figure). VBFA […]