SAP QM Tutorials – Quality Management Module

SAP QM ( Quality Management ) is a functional module to improve the quality of goods.This module deals with Quality Planning, Execution, Inspections, Quality Control and Quality Certificates.In this page you will get some SAP QM Tutorials and PDF guides to download.

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  1. Table QALS stores Inspection lot records, table QDPS stores Inspection stages and table QINF stores inspection information records.

  2. Transaction code Q000 is used for quality management, QA00 is for quality inspection and transaction QCCC used for complete quality management standard settings.

  3. The main 20 elements of QM according to ISO9000 standards are Management responsibility,(Quality management system,Contract review,Design control,Document and data control,Purchasing, Control of customer supplied product, Product identification and traceability, Process control, Inspection and testing, Control of inspection and measuring and test equipment, Inspection and test status,Control of nonconforming product, Corrective and preventive action,Handling-storage-packaging-preservation-delivery,Control of quality records,Internal quality audits, Training,Servicing and Statistical techniques.

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