SAP PM Tutorials – Plant Maintenance Module Training materials

SAP PM ( Plant Maintenance ) is a functional module which handles the maintaining of equipments and Enables efficient planning of production and generation schedules and provides interfaces to process control and SCADA systems.The R/3 Plant Maintenance (PM) application component provides you with a comprehensive software solution for all maintenance activities that are performed within a company. Supports cost-efficient maintenance methods, such as risk-based maintenance or preventive maintenance, and provides comprehensive outage planning and powerful work order management.In this page you will get some SAP PM Tutorials and PM Pdf training guides to download. Also refer the PM components, PM tables & PM tcodes.

List of SAP PM sub-modules (Components)


  • PM-PRM ( Preventive maintenance )
  • PM-WOC ( Maintenance Order Management )
  • PM-WCm ( Work Clearance Management )
  • PM-PRO ( Plant Maintenance Projects )
  • Technical Objects  (PM-EQM)
  • Bills of Material (Plant Maintenance)  (PM-EQM-BM)
  • Configuration Control  (PM-EQM-CC)
  • Equipment  (PM-EQM-EQ)
  • Object Networking  (PM-EQM-ON)
  • Measuring Points and Counters  (PM-EQM-SF-MPC)
  • Permits  (PM-EQM-SF-PMT)
  • Warranties  (PM-EQM-SF-WA)
  • Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects  (PM-EQM-THO)
  • Standard Analyses  (PM-IS-REP)
  • Maintenance Plans  (PM-PRM-MP)
  • Maintenance Task Lists  (PM-PRM-TL)
  • Work Clearance Management  (PM-WCM)
  • Capacity and Resource Planning  (PM-WOC-CP)
  • Maintenance History  (PM-WOC-MH)
  • Maintenance Notifications  (PM-WOC-MN)
  • Maintenance Orders  (PM-WOC-MO)
  • Compatible Units  (PM-WOC-MO-CUM)


sap pm module workflow diagrom

Important PM Transaction codes



SAP PM tables


  • S180E
  • View complete list of PM tables


PDF Training Documents & Study materials





How will you search for replacement equipment in SAP ?

Using the transaction code IE20

Which tcode is used for displaying the network list in SAP PM?


Tcodes for creating equipment & functional location BOM in SAP 

IB01 & IB11 respectively

How will you specify the system mesaages in SAP PM ?

using the tcode OMPL1

What is the purpose of tcode BGMN in PM module ?

It is used for processing the warranty

Which table used to store the Order master data history?

SAP table HIKO