Customer Master Record ( SAP MM )

This documentation covers the details of Customer Master Record ( SAP MM )

To go to a customer master record from the SAP standard menu, choose Logistics Sales and

distribution Business partners Sold-to-party.

You can maintain data relevant to foreign trade data on the following screens of the customer

master record:

General data

– City

– Country

– Region

– Transportation zone

– Postal code

– Language

– VAT registration number

The customer’s country helps indicate export transactions in sales and distribution (SD)

documents. You need the customer’s region for declarations to the authorities.

To go to the Shipping and Billing information screens from the General data screen, choose Goto

Sales area data.


– Shipping conditions

– Delivering plant



– Terms of payment

– Payment guarantee procedures

– Licenses (legal control data)

In addition to checking this data directly in each of the master records, you can also

check whether foreign trade data in master records is complete in one step from the

Foreign Trade Cockpit.