SAP Consignment stocks Processing Tutorial, Tables and Tcodes

In SAP, Consignment stocks are coming under MM-IM module.Consignment stocks are special type of stocks that are stored at customer location and owned by the vendor itself. Later the customer can own the stocks or can return to the vendor. See the Tcodes , tables and PDF tutorials related to this. Consignment stocks also reflected in the total available stocks of the company.We need to create a special stock partner in the system to deal with this type of stocks. Consignment stock data in SAP are mainly integrated with MM, SD and Logistics modules.

Processing overview

  • Fill-Up of consignment stocks
  • Consignment stock issue creation
  • Stock pick-up creation
  • Consignment stocks return


SAP Consignment stocks processing
Important Transaction codes for Consignment stocks


Important Consignment stocks tables list


PDF Tutorials