SAP MM Module Tutorials – Material Management Functional Module

SAP MM ( Material Management ) is one the largest functional module in SAP. This module mainly deals with Procurement Process,Master Data (Material & Vendor Master),Inventory Management,Valuation of Material & Account Determination,Material Requirement Planning,Invoice Verification etc.In this page you will get some SAP MM Tutorials and PDF guides to download.

SAP MM Module tutorial from

SAP MM Module Process Flow

  • Determination of Requirements
  • Source Determination
  • Vendor Selection
  • PO Processing
  • PO Follow-up
  • Goods Receiving and Inventory Management
  • Invoice Verification


Some of the important tables in material management module are

  • MARA
  • MARC
  • MBEW
  • MVKE
  • MLGN
  • MVER


Important Tcodes in MM module

  • MM01
  • MMBE
  • ME51N
  • ME56
  • ME54
  • MB21
  • MI01


To view the complete list of Tables and tcodes with their purpose refer the following tutorials in this page.

Tutorial Part 1 : MM Module Basic


Tutorial Part 2 : Master Data


Tutorial Part 3 : Scenarios & Functions


Tutorial Part 4 : MM module components


PDF Documents


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