SAP ITS Tutorial – Internet Transaction Server architecture

SAP ITS stands for SAP Internet Transaction Server.It is integrated with into the kernel of the SAP Netweaver Application Server.ITS is accessed via the “Internet Communication Manager”.With the integration with ITS a web browser can communicate directly with a SAP System.Here is some SAP ITS Tutorials and PDF guides to download.

sap its architecture

Two Types of Gateways Present in SAP ITS

  • WGate : Web server gateway
  • AGate :Application server gateway

ITS Architecture
SAP ITS Architecture
PDF Documents

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  1. The WGate component located in a Web Server connects the ITS to the Web Server. Microsoft’s Information Server API, Sun Java System Web Server and Apache Server are the mainly supported Web Server interfaces for ITS.

  2. WGate establishes the connection and send the requests to AGate component which is implemented in a Windows NT service.Agate component is responsible for handle the requests and HTTP requests from WGate component.It will send and receive the desired data from SAP system and send back to WGate component.

  3. There are 5 types of files in ITS they are service file, HTML templates, Flow files, Language resource files and MIME files.

  4. For running a SAP transaction as internet application it should be defined as Web transactions or WebRFC ( or webReporting ).

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