SAP IDOC Tutorial

IDoc stands for Intermediate Document. It is a standard SAP document format.IDocs enable the connection of different application systems using a message-based interface.The main uses of IDocs are Structured exchange and automatic posting of application documents,Reduction of the varying complex structures of different application systems to one simple structure and Detailed error handling before the data is posted in the application. IDoc are defined on Technical level and Application Level. In Technical View idoc is defined by three different types of structure. They are Control records, Data Records, Status Records. In application view Segments and attributes of Segments are defined.Segments are structures that are used for the interpretation of the field SDATA in the data record. In this page you will get some SAP IDOC Tutorials and pdf guides to download.


  1. SAP IDOC Structure Introduction
  2. Conversion of IDocs from or into e-mails
  3. MATMAS01 IDOC TYPE Structure
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