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SAP NetWeaver 04 Linux Download 

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The Technology Preview “Test Drive” of SAP NetWeaver 04 for the Linux platform is available to download for your evaluation. It includes both ABAP and Java Stacks running on SAP’s own database Max DB version 7.5 or IBM DB2 Universal Database for Linux version 8.2.

You can use this Technology Preview to gain experience in administering an SAP system or in developing with ABAP and Java. SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and JavaGUI are included in the package. It also provides an application example for SAP Records Management that demonstrates how the technology preview can be used to achieve basic integration between JavaGUI and OpenOffice / StarOffice.

System Requirements:

Min. 1536MB, recommended 2GB RAM, Intel Pentium IV or higher, 15GB hard disc space Download 64-Bit Linux Version for x86_64 based upon MaxDB 7.6(7x650MB)


Download any SAP Tables or Views in a snap

Customized reports generated from
ad hoc queries of SAP data are key to business intelligence today.
Getting data out of SAP, however, is an involved process and
requires technical skills and extra authorizations. Many SAP
business users or functional analysts may not have the technical
knowledge or the authorizations to create ad hoc queries from SAP
data and have to rely on the technical programmers and consultants
-– a time consuming and expensive option.

Using TablePro, business users and
functional analysts can now effortlessly extract SAP data to create
customized reports and handle ad-query requests without any
programming and without requiring SE16 or SQ01 access. They can
extract data from a single table or from multiple tables in SAP
without compromising the SAP server performance.


Create or Update SAP data Instantly without programming

Spreadsheets remain the tool of
choice for many information workers across the enterprise and are a
convenient way for many business users to create, update, or
transfer large amounts of data. Transferring data from Microsoft
Office applications, Excel or Access, into the various SAP modules
and products, includING the SAP Business Suite and NetWeaver,
remains a challenge for most organizations.

This data is either manually keyed
into SAP – a particularly wasteful exercise since data is already
in a digital format; or is automatically entered into SAP by
programmers and consultants using the various technical tools (BDC,
ABAP, etc.) provided by SAP – a time-consuming and expensive

Using TxShuttle, business users or
functional analysts can automate the transfer of data between
Microsoft Excel or Access to any SAP module or product without
requiring any programming. TxShuttle is the EASY and SECURE
alternative to the technical SAP programs and empowers the business
users by giving them control of their own data.

TxShuttle is the ideal tool for:
SAP data migration, SAP Data Upload, Mass maintenance of SAP data,
and SAP data entry automation in SAP Logistics, SAP Finance (FI/CO),
or SAP Human Resources (HR).

SAP Widgets

Widgets are mini-applications that allow the user to monitor or
interact with certain information and data. Widgets can do pretty much whatever the developer wants them to – can be alarm clocks, local wheather information, the latest stock quotes and also show data from an  SAP system.

SAP DB Software Packages

SAP DB can be used free of charge in non-SAP environments.

If you use SAP DB as a database system for SAP solutions, a maintenance contract is required. For more information on a maintenance contract please contact your national SAP subsidiary.

Quick Download

SAP customers get the SAP DB software for SAP solutions
with the SAP installation CD or in the SAP Service Marketplace at

SAP DB Version 7.4.03