Interaction Center in SAP CRM

To make it easier handle all kinds of sales, marketing, and service related transactions across different communication channels, SAP CRM has been provided with an Interaction Center with all necessary tools. Therefore, if you are an agent, you can access all kinds of reporting, maintenance, and administration tools, thus making the Interaction Center more efficient.

There are quite a few key functions that are associated with the Interaction Center. Here they are:

Product capabilities within SAP CRM interaction center

For service:


To provide various tools to the employees, so they are able to provide high-quality service to customers during their first contact with the interaction center.

For Marketing:

Identifying qualified leads and then retaining them through interaction center’s marketing capabilities.

For Sales:

Helps maintain a stable sales pipeline by utilizing the capabilities of interaction center to qualify leads, get orders, and complete sales.

Interaction Center Analytics:

For monitoring agent performance and interaction center whilst identifying trends and speed up problem-solving using powerful analytics.

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Details & configuration of Interaction Center WebClient