SAP CRM Service Request Management introductory tutorial

Service requests in SAP CRM are employed largely to evaluate and measure all kinds of services provided, both within an organization and outside it. With Service Request Management, it is possible to service customers in a better way. In fact, through this software, it is possible to approve, submit, dispatch, fulfill requests, and submit service requests in a hassle-free way with customers.

There are different ways to register service requests. For example, these requests can be logged by contacting the service personnel directly or by logging into a service desk. Alternatively, users can put themselves into the system and, if required, have the services delivered through appropriate personnel. A business scenario where Service Request Management can be effectively put into practice is the IT Service Management. In this scenario, Service Request Management solutions are used for tracking and resolving issues that are present within the IT infrastructure of all employees within the organization.



Service Requests

You can make Service Requests from CRM 7.0. Why are they used? They are made use of not just to provide functionality in service tickets, but also master service requests, knowledge articles, and multilevel categorization. Different Business Object Types are used while placing service requests. For example, the Business Object Type used for building master service requests is BUS2000224 and so on.


Different features can be made use of in using Service Request Management.