SAP CRM Service Order Management introductory tutorial

Service Order Management is there in place in SAP CRM for facilitating the delivery of service parts to customers. For a defined service, you can always use service order quotation for quoting a price and this can later be transferred to service order for the customer’s approval.

Date settings can be defined in Service Order Management for customizing Customer Relationship Management. For this, you need to go to ‘Basic Functions’ and select ‘Date Management’ there.

There are many key process steps covered in SAP CRM Service Order Management and these include:


Returns Management and Complaints

A customer can always use ‘Returns’ against the received goods. In this regard, the customer can also use the ‘Returns’ service for returning a service part.

‘Complaints’, on the other hand, can be used in both sales and service. Complaints are generally raised against deliveries, returns, billing, and in-house repair that the customer is not satisfied with.

In the standard system, item categories as well as transactions are predefined for complaints. For example, it is REN for Return Request, L2N for Debit Memo Request, COMP for Complaint, TANN for Free of Charge Substitute Delivery, and G2N for Credit Memo Request.

Return Types

Depending on the way you customize your service orders, return types can vary accordingly. Some of these types include:

Benefits of Service Order Management