SAP CRM – Business Transactions tutorial , Transaction codes

A number of business transactions can be carried out through SAP CRM that makes it possible to complete basic activities easily and quickly. Some of the commonly used business transactions in SAP CRM include – Quotation, Opportunity, Lead, Contract, Order, Complaint, Service Contract, and Service Request. What this means for a company is that they get all the functions and a proper business structure that they can use to their efficiency. In other words, business transactions in SAP CRM enable your organization to carry out business interaction with business partners effectively.At the end of this tutorial ,you can refer the transaction codes used with Business Transactions module.

Features of Business Transactions in SAP CRM

There are a few features that you may be tempted to consider as unique to business transactions in SAP CRM. Some of this includes:


Structure of Business Transactions

Irrespective of the business processes of your company; it is possible to manage and control them effectively and easily through business transactions in SAP CRM.

Getting to basic settings of business transactions is easy. All you need to do is select SPRO path and then click ‘Transactions’ under ‘Customer Relationship Management’.

Facts about Business Transactions

Follow up Transaction